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Wilcox Museum

The Wilcox Museum is a teaching museum that is not afraid to confront the difficult past or offensive contemporary context of a piece. This branding aims to visually represent the idea of what you see and what you don’t while in a museum, and how viewing a work without the full context that a museum like the Wilcox provides is only seeing a part of it. The modular branding blends old and new while allowing the museum to change up the look to fit each new application of the identity.

Wilcox Banner Free Mockup Ref.jpg
Lippincott Mockup.jpg
Wilcox rhombus badge mockup.jpg
Card 1.jpg
Wilcox Tote Bag MockUp Ref.jpg
wilcox mockup 3.jpg
Notebook Mockup.jpg
Wilcox Insta bg.jpg
Wilcox Insta bg 2.jpg
wilcox embossed paper mockup_edited_edited.jpg
Wayfinding Mockup.jpg
A Frame Mockup Opt.jpg
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