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Kansas City Crows

The Kansas City Crows is a branding and identity project for the previously unbranded Kansas City women’s soccer team. Crows symbolize teamwork, cleverness, adaptability, and transformation. These are all qualities that this team exemplifies in their history and fighting spirit. The Crows keep KC WOSO’s vibrant color palette while establishing them as a unique team within the National Women's Soccer League. The logo uses the iconic crest shape often used in soccer branding but breaks the mold with the crow's silhouette. The video below shows the shift from the unbranded logo to the new crow logo.

Kit Opt 4 (2).jpg
crows treatment_edited.jpg
Crows Mural Mockup.jpg
Crows Flag Mockup Opt 4.jpg
Instagram Profile Page Mockup.jpg
scarf side view folded in half (2).jpg
scarf side view folded in half (3).jpg
Crows Billboard Mockup.jpg
Event Ticket Mockup Opt.jpg
Kit Opt 10 RS.jpg
Jersey Mockup 2.jpg
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