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Daylight Donuts

This proposed rebranding of Daylight Donuts was done during quarantine as a way for me to stay creative. Daylight Donuts previous branding was antiquated and clunky. In order to compete with the big donut chains, Daylight Donuts requires a look that matches the quality of their delicious product. This rebrand concept aims to refresh the brand while maintaining their retro feel. Additionally, I added new taglines, brand patterns, and collateral to flesh out the brand new identity and draw people in.

Coffee Cup Mockup 2.jpg
daylight punch card.jpg
Daylight Donut Assets-01.jpg
sticker opt.jpg
daylight img treatment 2.jpg
Daylight Menu 1.jpg
daylight box mockup_edited.jpg
daylight img treatment 3.jpg
daylight img treatment.jpg
Coffee Cup Mockup 1.jpg
Daylight Donut Assets Ref.jpg
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