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Kansas City Kings

The Kansas City Chiefs are a great team with an offensive name. This rebrand concept works to create a brand that is not offensive but still embraces the nostalgic look of the old team so that fans new and old will buy in. The rollout for this rebrand aims to speak directly to Kansas City and introduce the team in a fun way that does not shy away from the team's new feel. "Kansas City has a new king." is a tagline meant to pique interest in fans and KC residents. The familiar color scheme paired with the new name gives fans some immediate familiarity with the brand identity. The uniforms for the Kings pay homage to the Chiefs color and look while incorporating the new logo, fresher numbers, and a more engaging look overall. Theses uniforms are meant to let players stand out on the field, while not distracting from their gameplay. 

helmet 2_edited.jpg
Football Uni 1.jpg
insta mockup 1.jpg
Portfolio Logo Assets-29.jpg
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KC Football Cards Redo_edited.jpg
KC Football Cards Redo_edited.jpg
KC Football Cards Redo_edited.jpg
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Portfolio Logo Assets-28.jpg
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